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Gilles Olivesi was born in 1973 in Salon de Provence, France. He attended a

school called IMFP in Salon de Provence in order to learn the career of sound

engineer. At the end of his cycle of studies, he immediately started applying

his skills in diverse and complementary areas such as concerts, studio recording

and mastering.

While working for theaters or concerts, he was hired in Studio La Buissonne in

1999, a studio considered as one of the best in Europe in terms of jazz and

improvised music. Thus, working side by side with Gérard de Haro, he took part

in numerous sessions through which he met remarkable and inspiring musicians (Paul Motian, Marc Copland Joachim Kühn, Marc Ducret, Louis Sclavis, Michel Portal,

Jean-Marie Machado, Daniel Humair...) who will be determining in his career. He also worked on albums produced by labels such as ECM, Sketch, Enja, ACT, Blue Note, Universal. During the same period, he had a chance to meet with the new French generation of musicians and establish strong links with them.

Under the heavy influence of pop music productions, he took his independence with studio La Buissonne and its aesthetic in 2004 and went on collaborating with artists like Médéric Collignon, Sébastien Boisseau, Alban Darche, Vincent Courtois, groups Triade, le Gros Cube, Louis Sclavis « Napoli's Walls », le Grand Ensemble de Marc Ducret and labels as Minium, YOLK or BMC.

In 2005 he discovered  the software "Usine" developed  by Olivier Sens with whom he took part in the group Reverse, duo formed by Olivier Sens and Guillaume Orti working towards advanced interaction between musicians and computers in a multi-diffusion environment. Thanks to this tool, he developed his taste for real time sound production with computer which he soon made his own trademark in concerts or on recordings, especially  with Rockingchair, DPZ , Sonia Cat-Berro quintet, Hasse Poulsen, Alban Darche trio and Vincent Courtois quartet…

He joined the National French jazz orchestra ( ONJ ) Daniel Yvinek (2009/2013). He worked as a FOH or monitors engineer and recorded and mixed 3 productions for this orchestra collaborating with another engineer of his generation : Boris Darley. This duet  which worked before for big orchestras (Danzas de Jean-Marie Machado, Le Gros Cube, le Grand Ensemble de Marc Ducret), likes to meet up to share their personal experience.

Thanks to this wide set of skills Gilles is free to take part in differents king of project:  drama (Anouk Grinberg), french song (Lambert Wilson, André Minvielle), radicals jazz (Joce Mienniel, Hasse Poulsen, Vincent Courtois), rap artists (Gaël Faye), and pop music (Jeanne Added, Camélia Jordana) in studio or live. He likes to explore new tracks creating immersive sound experiences.